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Get rid of that projection, big screen, flat screen or black and whit television that is cluttering the back bedroom, garage or closet.  Make more room for your guests and family.  We can often pick up the same day or the next day.

Old Television Pickup and Disposal in Jax

Looking for Someone to Take Granny's Old Console TV ?
  • Combo TV/VCR
  • Old Computers or Monitors
  • Console Cabinets
  • Projection Screeens
  • Recorders and DVD Players
  • Turntables
  • Picture Tube TVs
  • Video Game Consoles

Need Broken Electronics Hauled Away?

We offer services that help you in proper TV disposal. One way is to spend an afternoon calling your local waste disposal organizations to find a site where you can dispose the electronics items.  Then load up the items into your truck and drive over before they close on a Saturday morning, pay the dumping fee and dispose of the item.

Or you may also hire our services that offer pick up of your old televisions set at your convenience. That's when you should call Trashouts Junk Removal. We'll schedule in just one phone call and we can often pick up on the next day. Now you don't have to spend your afternoon or your Saturday getting rid of that old stuff.

We can safely remove and dispose of your old tvs. We are also connected with some local recycling facilities so that certain components and materials can be salvaged for reuse. We care about you and the environment.

The waste items include:

  • Sony
  • Hitachi
  • Panasonic
  • Sharp
  • LG Electronics
  • Insignia
  • Hisense
  • TCL
  • Smart TVs
  • 3D TVs

How To Have Your Old Equipment Removed…

  1.  You’ve got junk that you want to be taken away!
  2. Call (904) 204-9505 and schedule an appointment
  3. We’ll contact you when we are 30 minutes out from your location
  4. We arrive and provide an estimate for the cleanout based on the amount of junk to be removed. (Let us know when you call if you need electronics, hot tubs, furniture or mattress removal)
  5. Once you approve the junk removal estimate, we’ll take away the junk in one of our trucks

3D TV Removal

It's time to upgrade the family room.  Getting rid of furniture and getting a new set up?  Let us get rid of the old for you. We'll get your pick-up scheduled right away.


Entertainment Systems

It's time to get rid of that big, bulky console and speakers that has been sitting around in the garage.



Get the old movies converted to a digital format and then you can get rid of that old smelly projector. Call for help.

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We Haul Equipment of All Sizes

Everyone has different choices when it comes to televisions. Some want to buy the latest televisions and upgrade their old ones. Others are looking for discounts, and sales offer where they buy a new TV. Some people have a TV that is either outdated or need repair, and they prefer to buy a new one instead. No matter what the reasons are when you make a new purchase or upgrade your TV, you need to take care of the old one. If your old TV is functional, then you may get it replaced with a new one, or give it to charity. However, if your TV is not functioning, is an old and faulty model, and you are thinking of putting it aside in the garage or throw it away in the trash, you must avoid making such moves and go for proper TV-Disposal.

Protect the Environment

Considering the environmental issues inherent today, it is essential for the well-being of today's society that one generates awareness about the environmental threats. You must make sure a safe and secure TV-disposal strategy. These electronic items contain electronic components and hazardous wiring that can become a part of the landfill. Old TVs, unlike the new models, contain some dangerous chemicals that are damaging to the environment if left out in the open.

Multiple Devices

The primary step in preventing further damage to the environment is to encourage the recycling of electronic devices. People should opt for recycled products instead of those made from scratch. A shift towards recycled products would cut the energy consumption in manufacturing these products and would ultimately reduce the emissions in the environment. Some of the electronic products where recycle are practical, and cost-effective options include computer recycling, electronic recycling, and proper recycling of e-scrap. We will recycle the item if possible, and if not, we will make sure that it is disposed of properly.

Computer Recycling

Not many people are unaware that a computer has chemical components and may cause harm to the environment. For this reason, it is better to promote safe computer recycling instead of improperly dumping the old, used, or faulty computers with the regular trash. A recycling company offers many recycling options to computer owners. Whether it is the removal of many old computer systems in an office or checking the computers at home, you may seek the advice of these professional services to get the best options.

When you decide to recycle your computer, you can repair the faulty components and resell the system. You can get details of the parts that are working, and you may sell them to the service provider. You may ask for a trade in options as some service providers may accept your old system and replace it with a new one on set terms and conditions.

You can join new recycling ideas for your computers by seeking the support of environmental organizations which would help organize this on a larger scale. The recycled products can bear emblems representing the eco-friendly approach. This would make people realize that they are doing their part for the environment.

Beware of Dangerous Components

Spreading awareness about electronic recycling is important. Old electronic appliances contain toxic components like lead and mercury that are hazardous if released in the environment. Some electronic components are flammable and dangerous if left in the open. Recycling these devices not only help to use these components again but it keeps the environment safe.

The electronic goods have many components that are open for repair, replacement or reselling. In this process instead of throwing away the broken electronic appliances, the focus is to disassemble the electronic unit and check the electronic components. Those devices that are repairable are good for recycling, where those raw materials that are waste, and potential hazards are properly separated. A. You can easily hire the services of a reputed disposal company to take care of irreparable electronic units.

Call An Expert

By letting experts handle the disposal and electronic recycling allows them to reuse the old components for other systems. This reduces the time and efforts required in manufacturing similar units. By reducing unnecessary productions, we provide environmental relief and sustainability.

Electronics Pick Up and Disposal Services

Looking for a trusted company to clear out the clutter?

Proper Recycling E-scrap in Jacksonville Florida

When you plan to recycle your e-scrap, you must do so properly. If you throw away the old items or trash them without consideration to the many functional electronic components in the electrical appliance, you are wasting resources and polluting the environment. These disposed of items can contaminate the soil, pollute the air, and in some instances can get into water bodies. A way to make sure proper recycling of e-scrap is to find a certified e-scrap technician. These professionals have the technical skills to find the recyclable parts in an e-scrap and securely dispose of the junk, and you do not have to worry about contamination and polluting the environment.

Save Time

If you look around and ask for e-scrap recycling solutions, you will come across many recycling programs run by the government, civic institutions and organizations where you bring your e-scrap and drop it off for recycling. These programs are officially held, and all collected items are in line for assessment of components for recycling, where the unusable parts are properly disposed.

You may even give away your e-scrap to charitable organizations who later will use many useful items that are of little interest to you but can bring funding to the charity. These include your old computers, old TV, broken LED screens, and other electronic items that you are planning to throw away as scrap.

Be Responsible

As a responsible member of the community, you should always consider viable options for disposal, repair and recycle of your electronic items and appliances. You may use the help of professional movers and experts to help you in recycling the electronic waste and recycle all usable items. How you deal with your old appliances, have implications for the environment, so it is your responsibility to follow proper disposal and recycling ways. Call us and let us help.

We pick up old furnishings almost every day.  We know how to dispose of the items properly to make sure that the environment is protected. We’ll load it, transport it and dispose of it properly.  Just leave it to us.

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