Storage Cleanout in Jacksonville FL

Looking for a local company to empty your storage unit? Or did someone abandon their storage unit and now you need to someone to get rid of the contents?

Fast Storage Unit Junk Removal Services

Looking for a contractor to clean out a storage unit?
  • Sofa and Sofa Bed Removal

  • Table and Chairs Removal

  • Appliance Hauling

  • Broken Table Removal

  • Boxed and Bagged Items

  • Mattress and Box Spring Disposal

  • Loveseat Disposal

  • Take Away Recliners

Need Some Storage Units Cleaned Out?

Don't stress over abandoned storage units?  We can come on a regular schedule to haul away the items that have been left behind.  Sometimes it may not be worthwhile to auction the items or it may take too long for goodwill or salvation army to pick up the items.  We can often come the same day or the next day when you call Trashouts Junk Removal Company in Jacksonville FL.

How To Have Stranded Storage Unit Items Removed…

  1. You’ve got junk that you want to be taken away!
  2. Call (904) 204-9505 and schedule an appointment
  3. We’ll contact you when we are 30 minutes out from your location
  4. We arrive and provide an estimate for the cleanout based on the amount of junk to be removed. (Let us know when you call if you need hot tub removal, sofa removal or mattress removal)
  5. Once you approve the junk removal estimate, we’ll take away the junk in one of our trucks.

Content Removal

Storage unit contents run the gamut.  we've seen some weird stuff but we can handle almost anything!


Boxes and Bags

We'll clean out the units so that you can get them rented again quickly.


Stored Furniture

People often leave sofas and tables in the units because they don't have room.  We'll take them away and donate them or dispose of them.

Call Today (904) 204-9505

You Didn't Need the Stuff in the Storage Unit Anyway!

We once paid a lot of money to store some furniture and other things when our apartment was too small to hold everything.  We thought that the stuff was so beautiful and important that we couldn't bear to part with it at the time.  When we went back two years later to move out of the storage unit, we couldn't believe our eyes.  We wondered how we could have bought so much junk, how we could have thought that it was so gorgeous and that we had just spent money every month storing it.  We would have been better off selling the items on Craiglist or taking it to the Goodwill and just saving the money to buy new stuff when with time was right.

We didn't just disappear and leave the owner of the storage unit with our trash though.  We moved it out and then sold it online for pennies on the dollar of what storage had cost us.  A very disappointing experience.  But we learned that storage unit companies keep items safe and dry while we live our life.  Here are just some of the common items that we can remove from abandoned storage units for you:

  • sofas, couches, and love-seats
  • recliners
  • tables and chairs
  • TVs
  • armoires and hutches
  • headboards, bed frames, mattresses
  • bookcases and shelves
  • file cabinets
  • cabinets
  • futons and sofa beds
  • dressers, wardrobes, and chests
  • entertainment centers
  • dishes
  • towels and sheets
  • pet supplies and kennels
  • bicycles and lawnmowers
  • crates, pallets, and mirrors

Storage Unit Cleaning Services

Looking for a trusted company to clean out your storage unit?

We pick up furniture in Jacksonville every day.  We repurpose as much of it as possible by donating it to charity or recycling it.  Let us take that old desk or dining room table and chairs off your hands and relieve you from the hassle of having to deal with it.  We’ll load it, transport it and dispose of it properly.  Just leave it to us.

Contact Trashouts of Jacksonville for a free estimate and to schedule an appointment.

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Storage Cleanout Contractors in Jax

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We are dedicated to helping you remove the clutter in your home, garage or storage. We do the heavy lifting for you and we recycle, donate or reuse as many of the items as possible.

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