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Many industries consume metal in the form of plates, liners, and pipes. More massive beams are used in construction, but must still be cut to size. The result is that metal used in building and manufacturing produces excellent quantities of shavings and loose ends. A single business might produce tons of scrap a year. It is inconvenient to keep around, it cannot be recycled onsite, and it is also valuable as a raw material.

The solution is to use scrap metal removal services. While most sites have areas designated for holding scrap, these areas are not unlimited, and metal does rust and produce runoff if left outside. For most businesses, it does not pay to have a company-owned truck to haul away scrap metal to a landfill or a recycling center. It is much more efficient to hire a specialist.

Large Trucks

Trucks specially designed to lift and haul scrap metal are expensive and are not a worthwhile investment for most businesses. A third party service does take a cut from the value of the metal, but their professionalism is well worth the cost. They understand how to safely and efficiently handle heavy and potentially hazardous material. They have arrangements with metal plants and can take advantage of an economy of scale. They also have a fleet of trucks with different capabilities.

Multiple Types

Metals like aluminum tend to be recycled on site, while steel and other alloys require large plants with high temperatures to melt and reuse. Since stainless steel is chemically different from carbon steel, a scrap specialist needs to know to which company to deliver each load. Construction sites might contain different types of scrap, and sorting them and sending them to different places can be a pain.

Recycling vs Dumping

Recycling is simply more efficient than dumping. The price of steel is higher today than in the past, especially if new taxes are being placed on steel. Industrial dumping typically requires an expensive license and fee. Recycling comes with an economic return, so the financial incentive is clear. Companies that recycle will out-compete more polluting companies.

Materials might include:

  • Old Motors
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Car Panels
  • Construction materials
  • Sheet metal


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Wire Mesh Scrap Removal

Keeping old mesh and rusty metal around is a major safety hazard for children and adults.  Let us get rid of it for you. We'll get your  pick-up scheduled right away.

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It's time to get rid of that junk that has been sitting around in the garage.

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Construction Debris

Many companies that build houses and office buildings use a considerable amount of material. In the past, houses were made almost entirely with wood, but times have changed. All homes use piping, but metal is being used in new ways. Many modern homes use aluminum or steel tiles for roofs, and sometimes metal is used as siding or apart of interior design. The surface of a counter or sink might be plate metal.

A company that builds houses might quickly make a pile of good metal. While this material might be thrown away, it is not a good idea if tons of ore must be eliminated a year. It is better to throw scrap into receptacles and then recycle in bulk. The cost savings could improve profits substantially. Such a business can also call itself green.

Companies that build multistory office buildings must use metal quite a bit. The frame of the building might be metal, and concrete might be reinforced with steel bars for strength and security. It is rare to create structures where bricks support themselves because bricklaying tends to be labor intensive. Modern buildings, in any case, often use metal for exterior facades.

A construction company involved in or expanding into multistory structures must be prepared to handle large quantities of scrap metal. Careful design and math can reduce scrap, but it is inevitable to have quite a bit. The only economical choice is recycling. It is not possible to compete with companies that do recycle. It is an added expense to have to move scrap twice, so hire a professional to remove it on site.

Construction Debris Yulee

Experienced scrap metal removal services have been to many businesses and sites and dealt with a wide range of needs. Take advantage of this expertise instead of having to solve problems yourself. Although metal might have to be presorted before pickup, it is better to hire a professional that is familiar with construction sites as well as factory lots.

An experienced service knows how to load bins of different types and sizes. A professional can prevent spills and other accidents. It is better to use someone who is familiar with the material, the industry, and the proper recycling company. Again, the big advantage of hiring a specialist is fleet diversity. Trucks of different sizes can arrive and even haul away big metal pieces. Different drivers will have different skills, and so it is possible for a company to find precisely what they are looking for.

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Metal is not junk since even rusted iron has a market value. It is true that only certain companies will take low-grade iron. It has been common for the past few years to import low-grade steel from China. While steel with less carbon and a faster manufacture time might still have the tensile strength to build many structures, the lower quality might limit the lifespan of such structures.

Older buildings are demolished all the time, and the result is inferior scrap metal. The quality of steel today is much higher than steel produced over half a century ago. Even Chinese steel might be superior to steel produced a long time ago. The result is scrap that might not be accepted by some modern steelmakers that prefer better stock.

An experienced company with many contacts might know where to ship low-grade iron and rusted steel. Since old steel is still cheaper to refine than iron ore, it has a market somewhere in the world. An established scrap metal removal service knows where to send that junk. It might end up on a shipping container heading for India or China. The point is that most companies do not have the resources to arrange for such disposal.

It pays to work with professionals. A dedicated company does the job faster and cheaper. Best of all, it is not necessary to retain dedicated drivers.

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