Sans Pareil

Sans Pareil, a locality nestled in Jacksonville, Florida, boasts a populace of 6,787 denizens. It is situated in the county of Duval and has garnered a reputation among the most esteemed havens for habitation in the Sunshine State. The residents in Sans Pareil relish the felicity of a blended milieu, marrying the opulence of city life with the serenity of a rural landscape. Moreover, the vast majority of those domiciled in Sans Pareil own their domiciles. The neighborhood also features a plethora of eateries, cafes, and recreational areas, rendering it an idyllic haven for those of younger generations who are forging their careers. The political views of the residents of Sans Pareil are moderate in nature. In addition, the educational institutions within its boundaries are deemed to be of superior quality.

Several of the preeminent public schools serving the Sans Pareil vicinity comprise Stanton College Preparatory, Paxon School for Advanced Studies, Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, Darnell Cookman Middle/High School, and River City Science Academy Middle – High School.

As of now, the median rate for leasing a domicile in Sans Pareil rests at $2,599. This figure falls beneath the price points of 55.5% of Florida's neighborhoods. Sans Pareil's landscape is that of a suburban habitat. The tangible property in Sans Pareil is predominantly composed of residences with a moderate-to-generous expanse, including single-family domiciles with three to four chambers, as well as large apartment complexes or high-rise flats that have four to five or more sleeping quarters. The majority of the abodes that exist within this locality are rented rather than owned. While some of the edifices within Sans Pareil have withstood the test of time, a sizable portion of these domiciles were built between the years 1970 and 1999. Several additional properties were constructed between the years 2000 and the present day.

On a national level, the Sans Pareil community boasts a higher concentration of inhabitants who are actively serving in the military than 99.3% of other neighborhoods across the United States. This is readily apparent if one were to visit the area, as military personnel can be observed commuting to and from their respective places of employment or engaging in leisure activities whilst adorned in civilian clothing.

The Sans Pareil community boasts an impressive 26.4% of its residents who are presently pursuing a college education. The presence of this large student population is so notable that the neighborhood undergoes significant changes when semesters begin and end. During summer, when many students are away, the neighborhood is far quieter.

Furthermore, the Sans Pareil district has made a name for itself as being college student friendly, especially within the state of Florida. With a number of college students calling this neighborhood home, it has a relatively pedestrian-friendly layout and is considered to be above average in terms of safety. These factors make it a highly desirable location for college students to live in. Given the concentration of college students in this area, it's possible that the neighborhood is situated close to a college campus and may have amenities tailored toward the student body in close proximity.

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