San Marco

San Marco is a district situated in Jacksonville, Florida, comprising a populace of 1,978 individuals. San Marco is located in the County of Duval and is deemed one of the preeminent abodes in Florida. The district presents an ambiance that combines urbanity with the suburbs, and most of its residents rent their residences. San Marco offers a myriad of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks, giving its inhabitants plenty of options for leisure activities. The district caters to an assortment of people, from families to budding professionals, and the citizens generally hold moderate political inclinations. The public schools in San Marco, without exception, are of an above-average caliber.

The San Marco locality prides itself on providing top-tier public schools, some of which include the esteemed Stanton College Preparatory, Paxon School for Advanced Studies, Darnell Cookman Middle/High School, Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, and River City Science Academy Middle-High School.

San Marco, a historical neighborhood situated a mere stone's throw away from Downtown, beckons visitors to explore its one-of-a-kind boutiques and art galleries. The area boasts a comprehensive dining district that features a plethora of options and abundant outdoor seating for visitors to relish.

A must-see attraction when visiting San Marco is the fountain of lions, which is an emblem of the district's connection with Venice, Italy's business hub. Visitors are encouraged to hold off on sating their hunger and instead take a stroll through the recently opened San Marco dining district, which is home to some of Jacksonville's finest dining establishments. But dinner is just the beginning; the district is quickly becoming known for its trendy craft cocktail bars and brewery hot spots. As a helpful resource, the Beach Buggy App offers free rides and recommendations to tourists exploring the San Marco community.

A leisurely walk around San Marco Square is sure to delight visitors with its impressive selection of upscale fashion boutiques, exquisite dining options, and stunning art galleries. Notably, the oldest community theatre in the nation, Theatre Jacksonville, established in 1938, is located within the square as well. Another must-see location is Riverfront Park, which offers an unparalleled view of the city, particularly during sunset.

At present, the average cost of renting a home in the San Marco neighborhood is $2,058, which is comparatively affordable as it is lower in price than 79.2% of Florida's neighborhoods. The area's real estate is predominantly comprised of medium to small-sized single-family homes (ranging from three to four bedrooms down to studios and two-bedroom residences) and apartments located within high-rise buildings. Owner-occupied properties make up a significant portion of the residential real estate in this area. Many of the homes in the San Marco district are older yet well-maintained and were constructed between the years 1940 and 1969. A number of the residences are even older, dating back to before 1940.

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