Biggest Storms to Hit Jacksonville FL


Whether it's the Alaskan cold, the swamps of Alabama or the Skyscrapers of New York, every city is known for something that makes it unique. When it comes to Jacksonville, Florida, it's hurricanes.
Being on the brutal east coast, so many tropical storms and hurricanes sweep through Jacksonville every year that the locals are slowly running out of names. Be that as it may, the most significant storms to hit Jacksonville have been archived for the sole purpose of reminding people of the need to remain vigilant at all times. Storms crossing over from the Gulf of Mexico over the Atlantic have been known to cause irreparable damage and loss of human life. For all the wrong reasons, these are some of the most memorable ones.

Hurricane Dora

Imagine the seas ten feet above normal. Rare perpendicular winds hitting your house at speeds in excess of 140 mph. Fourteen inches of rainfall that causes untold flooding. That was the fate of residents of Dora at around midnight on the 10th of September 1964.
Three deaths were reported, and the ensuing damage was valued at $280 million. A six-mile long sea wall had to be constructed to prevent erosion of the same nature in the future.

Tropical Storms Irma

Jacksonville was hit by some of the worst floodings in 100 years when Irma struck in September 2017. The St. Johns River was flooded to historical levels as people were spared the violence of ferocious winds. Jax Beach as well as Jacksonville flooded. Watch this video to see some of the amazing damage caused in downtown Jacksonville.


Hurricane Dona

110 mph winds. One death was reported. Battering waves and ferocious winds resulted in over 250 000 people being affected by power outages.

Hurricane Floyd — 1999

At the time, it was one of the strongest storms to ever hit the east coast. Winds of 110 mph with storm surges of over 10 feet affected the people of Jacksonville, causing flooding and power outages. Rainfall levels reached an alarming 15 inches, resulting in the evacuation of thousands of people.

Health, Safety, And Security: Stemming the Tide

What's the point of disaster awareness without providing the means for prioritizing your health and securing your valuable possessions and assets. So,
* Purchase and assemble a disaster alleviating emergency kit. This can include anything from dried food, a first aid kit, fresh water, flashlights, and a charged cell phone.
* Organize emergency evacuation options.
* Secure important documents.
* Make a list of household possessions and items.
* Get household insurance.
* Purchase an emergency generator in the event of power cuts.
And after the storm has passed, call Trashouts Junk Removal to assist with removing water damaged household items or yard debris.


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