The Huguenot Memorial Park in Jacksonville FL is denoted by a marker situated at the entrance that commemorates the landing of Huguenots in 1562. The site is dedicated to Huguenots who left searching for religious freedom and ran away to save their souls from religious persecution. Huguenots suffered from religious persecution instigated by their majority catholic enemies and sought refuge in the new world.

The Huguenot Memorial Park in Jacksonville FL is a beach park with magnificent long stretches of sand and glassy areas. Many people who have visited the park believe that it is ideal for a family picnic or just chilling out. The water temperature is perfect for swimming and playing. One of the fascinating features of the park is that it is practically surrounded by water. It is a gorgeous beach that offers fishing, kayaking, camping, and nature trails.

Essentials to Note When Visiting Huguenot Memorial Park in Jacksonville FL
If you plan to visit the beach for one reason or the other, it is essential to do your due diligence and ensure that you have some basic information to avoid any inconveniences. Here is what you need to know when visiting the park;

  1. The park operates seven days a week, from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m., and closes the gates an hour before closing time.
  2. If you want access to the Atlantic Ocean, you might require a 4-drive vehicle. Driving at the beach is risky and can sometimes result in towing at your own expense. In other words, you should not expect refunds if your vehicle is stuck.
  3. The Huguenot Memorial Park can sometimes experience closure due to unsafe conditions, high tides, or capacity. In such situations, the management closes the park for beach driving/and or admission. Visitors, campers, or shelter reservations will have to wait until the conditions are better before events can resume.
  4. Different types of admission fees are acceptable, including cash, debit, and cards. Others include early bird passes, active duty military and veterans get half-off admission, bus fee $50, and bicycle and pedestrian entrée $3.
  5. You can make reservations through a phone call; 904 255-4255. Some of the fees to expect, including tax, are; tent fee per night $22.50, RV fee per night $27.00, pet camping fee per night $5.35 with a limitation of three pets.
  6. Bird observation is one of the best activities. A vast portion of the park is designated a wildlife area for nesting terns and shorebirds. Here, you are likely to find a variety of birds that you have probably never seen before.
  7. The nature center allows visitors to discover and explore animals and plants that they may find along the beach. The staff is always happy to show you around while explaining anything that might seem peculiar to you.


After visiting the park, also visit Cummer Museum of Arts and Gardens