Charter Point

Charter Point, a locality situated in Jacksonville, Florida area, harbors a populace of 3,588 individuals within the confines of Duval County. The neighborhood exudes an ambiance that blends both the metropolitan and suburban lifestyles, and the majority of inhabitants lease their dwellings. The demographic of Charter Point comprises mainly young professionals and families whose political leanings tend to veer toward the left. Charter Point boasts above-average quality public schools, thereby offering excellent educational opportunities for its constituents.

There are a number of distinguished public schools in the Charter Point region. Some of the top-tier educational institutions include Stanton College Preparatory, Paxon School for Advanced Studies, Darnell Cookman Middle/High School, Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, and River City Science Academy Middle-High School. These schools are renowned for their academic excellence and provide an exceptional learning environment for the students in the Charter Point community.

At present, the average rental rate in Charter Point stands at $2,203. This rate is considerably lower when compared to around 73.2% of the other neighborhoods located in Florida. As a suburban area, Charter Point primarily comprises medium to large-sized single-family homes, ranging from three to five or more bedrooms. The demographic of the locality consists of a mixture of property owners and renters. The majority of residential buildings in the neighborhood were established between the years 1970 and 1999, while a few others were constructed between 2000 and the present.

Charter Point is a neighborhood that is often preferred by individuals leading executive lifestyles. In fact, it is regarded as a top choice, as it offers a better quality of executive living when compared to around 94.6% of other neighborhoods located in Florida. This can be attributed to the significant number of wealthy, educated professionals, executives, and managers who choose to make Charter Point their home. The spacious homes that are a prominent feature of the real estate in the neighborhood are also a contributing factor, as is the high real estate appreciation rate when compared to other areas in the state.

Charter Point is a neighborhood where the residents are primarily wealthy, ranking among the top 15% of highest-income communities across the United States. In fact, the income levels in this neighborhood are higher than that of around 87.2% of neighborhoods throughout the country. Additionally, the neighborhood boasts a relatively low rate of childhood poverty, with only 3.1% of children who are aged seventeen and under living below the U.S. poverty line. This is a lower rate of childhood poverty when compared to around 71.6% of other neighborhoods located in the United States.

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