Junk Removal Jacksonville FL : Appliances, Furniture and Junk Hauling

Make one phone call and make the junk in your back rooms, garage, storage unit, backyard, or attic disappear.  We schedule the day and time that works for you.  We can pick up the same day or the next day in Jacksonville.

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Junk Removal Jacksonville FL : Choose Us for Appliances, Furniture and Junk Hauling

(904) 204-9505

Next Day Junk Removal & Hauling Services Jacksonville, FL

Don't Just Settle for Anyone! Call a Professional Junk Removal Company


Residential And Commercial Services

Our Team Serves the Entire Jacksonville Area


Garage Cleanouts

Automobile parts, tools, machinery, power tools, tires, jack stands, batteries, bikes and bicycle parts, extra clothing, shoes, towels, linens, sheets, Christmas decorations, outdated decor, window treatments, and memorabilia.


Construction Trash Hauling

Lumber, joists, shingles, windows, doors, corrugated metal insulation, ducting, wiring, conduits, metal ducting, pipes, lighting, drywall, plaster, siding, plumbing, showers, tubs, and vanities.

Yard Waste Debris

Grass clippings, tree waste, firewood, dirt, gravel, rocks, sod, mulch, planters, garden tools, pool equipment, hot tubs, and other outdoor trash.  We also do a great job with garage cleanouts in Jacksonville Florida.



Removing years of accumulated items in just a few hours is our specialty. We are thorough and experienced at this type of removal. Items may include mixed media like tapes, newspapers, CDs and personal items like trophies, clothing, and papers.

Appliance Removal

Fridges, freezers, washers, dryers, refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, and more.

Old Furniture

Mattresses, sofas, couches, love seats, pianos, carpeting, padding, carpets, rugs, box springs and many other items.

Homestead & Estate Cleanouts

Whole house or property clean outs to prepare for transitions, sales, or rentals.

Office Equipment and Fixtures

Desk, hutches, workstations, documents, papers, files, conference tables, shelves, shelving, chairs, cardboard, boxes, filing cabinets, cubicles and whiteboards.

Electronic Equipment

TVs, televisions, PCs, personal computers, monitors, servers, modems, copiers, printers, fax machines, scanners, cell phones, tablets, video equipment and stereo equipment.

Large Demolition Debris

Construction and demolition waste, plaster, drywall, wood,  metal, concrete, and other materials. We cover the entire Jacksonville Metro area.

Junk Removal Service for Homes or Businesses

Are you looking for an affordable junk removal service that can pick up today or tomorrow?
Are you looking to get rid of unwanted clutter or do you want to empty out a storage unit, garage, crawlspace, or attic? It doesn't matter if you're calling from St. Johns or Duval County, we are committed to providing prompt customer service.
Whether you have created a neat pile of debris and junk for us to pick up or if you need us to gather the junk from the yard or garage, we can handle it. Our hard-working crew will make garbage removal seem like magic.
It can be hot, dirty work and you don’t need to worry about the hassle of hauling junk in Jacksonville to the local dump.  Let Trashouts Junk Removal handles the junk, the moving, and the dumping for you. We are proud to be Jacksonville's most affordable, full-service trash removal company.  It's our goal to provide quality service at the best rates in North Florida.

How Does Our Process Work?

  •  You have junk that you want to be taken away!
  • Call (904) 204-9505 and schedule a day and time for pick up.
  • We’ll contact you when we are 30 minutes out from your location.
  • We arrive for the appointment and provide an estimate for the clean-out based on the amount of junk to be removed. (Let us know when you call if you need hot tub removal, sofa removal or mattress removal).
  • Once you approve the junk removal estimate, we’ll take away the junk in one of our trucks.
  • We have affordable junk removal costs, easy appointment scheduling, fast and reliable pick-up service and a professional crew for every job.
  • We dispose of all the trash and garbage in the most eco-friendly manner possible.
  • Ask about our special offers for move out jobs.
  • Our service locations include Jacksonville Beach, Jacksonville, Neptune Beach, Arlington, Arlingwood, University Park, Colony Cove, San Souci, San Jose, Mandarin, Orange Park, Middleburg, Ortega Farms, Charter Point, Empire Point, Regency and Southside Estates. 

Serving All Areas of Jacksonville including:

Jacksonville Beach
Orange Park
St. Augustine
Ponte Vedra

Our hauling services include:
  • removing old appliances (refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers included)
  • computer and monitor removal
  • yard waste and debris pickup
  • old furniture removal (like sofas, recliners, mattresses and more)
  • foreclosed house clean outs
  • storage unit clean outs
  • commercial dumpster clean outs
 Call us for a free estimate.  We can usually schedule you for pick-up on the next day and we offer weekend pickups if that works better for you.

Benefits of Hiring Our Company

Save your back. Based on your initial estimate, we'll bring the right number of strong guys to get the trash out of your place. Our team handles all types of waste removal including Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Orange Park, St Augustine and both sides of the St John River.

Save your wallet. Hiring a Jacksonville junk hauling company has never been so affordable. We know that you're trying to get rid of your garbage, not your cash. In fact, we accept all forms of payment including credit card, checks, cash and debit cards. Call to find out about our low rates. Our customers always tell us that we're the best deal.

Save your space. When you hire us to clear out your clutter, you're taking the first step to getting your home back. We work for homeowners, renters, and business owners.

Save your neighborhood. Sometimes less is more. When everyone in the community keeps their property neat and orderly, the whole neighborhood looks better. So let us help you do your part to make your street and neighborhood look better.

Reduce Jacksonville's waste problems. We recycle, donate and reuse as much as possible so that helps to keep our city clean. Let us help take the hassle out of donation pickups, foreclosure cleanouts, office furniture removal and disposal of unwanted items.

Keep your truck clean. When it comes to hauling junk and trash, your wife isn't going to volunteer her SUV or truck. And she shouldn't have to. Our trucks are perfectly designed for carrying all types of appliances, furniture, and belongings.  Don't try to load that construction debris into your truck and don't call for a dumpster rental before you call us to find out about our affordable junk removal pricing.

Save the environment. Plastics, metals and certain electronics can be repurposed. We sort what we can and get it to the proper organizations in the area so that they can re-use the items.

Save the hassle of sorting. We take almost everything that you want to get rid of. That includes: yard waste, leaves and branches, mattresses, and box springs, freezers, electronic components, hot tubs, paint, tires, car parts, and old cars.

Save the sale. If you're trying to sell your house in Jacksonville, your realtor is going to want you to clean out some of the extra stuff. Some of it can be hidden in closets or tucked away but some of it should go. Don't jeopardize the sale of your house or condo by keeping to much junk.

Save your relationships. Extra clutter can cause a real strain on relationships. It doesn't have to be a classic case of hoarding to cause a problem. It might just be old college textbooks or old car parts or old clothes that you'll never wear again. Don't let the extra stuff come between you and your loved ones.

Save local businesses. We're not a national franchise like Junk King, JDog Junk Removal or College Hunks Hauling Junk.  We are a local business that loves serving Jacksonville. Book a day online through our online calendar for our removal services.

We are dedicated to helping you remove the clutter in your home, garage or storage. Our team does the heavy lifting for you and we recycle, donate or reuse as many of the items as possible. Book an appointment today.

Trashouts Junk Removal

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